Post Prom: for Students

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Things to Know About the Post Prom

  • Buses will be at the front entrance of UDHS at 11:45 pm, following the Senior Prom to take you to the Post Prom
  • Wear/bring comfortable clothes and sneakers
  • There are locker rooms in case you want to change clothes at the venue
  • All bags will be checked and stored in a chaperoned room
  • You may not bring outside food or drink onto the busses or into the venue
  • Once you arrive at the Post Prom, you may not leave the event until it is over…unless your parent/guardian gets prior permission from Mr. Schultz to take you home. Not students will be allowed to leave without a parent/guardian.
  • Everything is free!
  • There will be all kinds of food water and coffee to keep you energized all night
  • So much entertainment; something for everyone!

             *Inflatable maze, bucking bronco, obstacle course, cash cube

             *Basketball, Wallyball, Spikeball

             *Laser tag and Nerf tag

             *Fortune Tellers and Airbrush tattoo artists

             *Casino Games – win money to buy additional raffle tickets

             *Arcade, Air Hockey, Ping Pong

             *Movie room and Chill/Quiet room

             *Green screen photo room

             *Game Room, Bingo

             *Dorm Room Prizes

             *Raffle Prizes – play games to win raffle tickets to increase your chances
                of winning a TV, Echo Spot, video game, Dorm Room gear

  • Busses will leave to take you back to the high school at approximately 5:15-5:30 am.