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Message to Parents:

The Post Prom party is a free, safe and fun event for all seniors, and their prom dates, held after the prom.  It gives the kids a chance to connect with friends, share fun times and entertainment and win really great prizes.  It gives parents peace of mind to know that their kids are safe and supervised, yet still having a great experience.  In past years, 95% of the senior class has attended.  We are planning for that this year.

Planning the party is a big effort and is not possible without your help.  There are many ways that you can contribute:

  • Send in a family donation
  • Participate in any one of our fundraiser events
  • Be our ambassador and solicit a contribution from businesses or corporations that you are in contact with
  • Offer to drop off and pick up your child at the high school so that they can attend the event.
  • Donate something (prizes, tickets, etc) that either kids would like or that parents would like (for the Bingo fundraiser).

Thank you.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us at UDHSpostpromparty@gmail.com.


Want to be a sponsor? Email us at UDHSpostpromoparty@gmail.com

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