The UDHS Post Prom is a committee of the UDHS PTO. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Details available upon request.

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Things to Know About the Post Prom Party
Post Prom is open to all Upper Dublin High School Seniors and their Prom dates. All UDHS Seniors not attending the Prom are encouraged to attend Post Prom, but may not bring a date. Buses will be at the UDHS cafeteria starting at 11:45 pm to 1am, following the Senior Prom, to take you to the Post Prom. Busses will leave at 5:00 am from the Philadelphia Sports Club to take you back to the high school. (all attendees must ride the bus)

     There are locker rooms in case you want to change clothes at the venue.
     All bags will be checked and stored in a chaperoned room.
     You may not bring outside food or drink onto the buses or into the venue.
     Once you arrive at the Post Prom, you may not leave the event until it is over.
     Everything is free!
     There will be all kinds of food and drinks.
     Entertainment to include something for everyone!
     Grand Prize winners (Seniors only) will be announced and prizes distributed in the
     gym around 5am. Senior gifts and Guest gifts will be distributed as students leave the Party. 

Digital pictures may be taken at Post Prom throughout the night and posted on our website for the public to see and for you to download. No individual student will be identified by name. 

There is an online invitation and RSVP for ALL UD Seniors to fill out.  We require a response from all Seniors, regardless of whether or not they are attending, so that we have a record of that information. (This RSVP will be posted in 2021.)

A phone call will be made to the home of any Senior who says that they are attending the Post Prom but who fails to show up at an appropriate time.

Once a student has arrived at the Post Prom, they will be “locked in”.  NO one leaves until the Party is over unless they have prior permission from the Principal.

What To Bring
A comfortable change of clothes and sneakers are recommended. There are changing facilities at the venue, if needed, and monitored boys’ and girls’ bag storage rooms.

To ensure the safety of all those attending this celebration, limitations are placed on items
authorized for retention by all attendees. JEWELRY AND VALUABLES should be secured in vehicles or left at home. A lost and found station is in place. The Post Prom Committee assumes no responsibility for items reported lost or stolen.

Items That CAN Be Brought Into Post Prom
Cell phone/Camera (please mark clearly with your name) 
School or other identification card/information 
Glasses/Contacts/Contact Case 
Chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss 
Extra change of clothing/deodorant stick 
Medical Alert (bracelet/necklace) 
Rescue Inhalers (may carry with them) 
EpiPen’s (may carry with them) 
Diabetic Supplies (deliver to the nursing station) 
Medications shall be delivered to and accessible throughout
the night from the nursing station.

No Other Items Will Be Allowed Into The Celebration
Examples of unauthorized items (non-inclusive list):
bottled water or beverages 
tobacco products 

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