2020 UDHS Post Prom Party
May 9th Midnight-5: 00 am (Saturday night into Sunday morning)
Philadelphia Sports Club at Highpoint in Chalfont, PA

(all attendees must ride the bus from the high school)

The Post Prom Party is FREE and all UD seniors are invited whether you attend the prom or not!
(If you go to the prom, dates are invited as well.)

Things To Know About Post Prom

  • Buses will be at the cafeteria entrance of UDHS starting at 11:45 pm and run through 1am following the Senior Prom to take you to the Post Prom Party (NOTE: All attendees must ride the bus)
  • After Post Prom, buses will leave PSC at approx. 5:00 am to take you back to UDHS
  • Wear/bring comfortable clothes and sneakers
  • There are locker rooms in case you want to change clothes at the venue
  • All bags will be checked and stored in a chaperoned room
  • You may not bring outside food or drink onto the buses or into the venue
  • Once you arrive at the Post Prom, you may not leave the event until it is over…unless your parent gets prior permission from Mr. Schultz to take you home.  No students will be allowed to leave without a parent.
  • There will be all kinds of food, water, and coffee to keep you energized all night
  • So much entertainment; something for everyone!

                   * Inflatable maze, bucking bronco, obstacle course

                    *Basketball, Wallyball, Volleyball

                    *Laser tag and Nerf tag

                    *Fortune Tellers and Airbrush tattoo artists

                    *Casino Games – win money to buy additional raffle tickets

                    *Arcade, Air Hockey, Ping Pong

                    *Movie room and Chill/Quiet room

                    *Raffle Prizes- Smart TV, Wireless Headphones, XBOX, Playstation,

                    *Dorm Room Gifts

 High School

Upper Dublin

Email: udhsPTO@gmail.com

Instagram: udhsPTO


The UDHS Post Prom is a committee of the UDHS PTO. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Details available upon request.

Want to be a sponsor? Email us at UDHSpostpromparty@gmail.com

Check back for upcoming fundraisers, how to volunteer, FAQs, and more info!

 We MUST get an RSVP from every senior
and a signed waiver for every attendee
Check back for forms for the 2020 Prom.

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